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Introduction: The theory of “melting pot” according to which various ethnic groups will eventually dissolve in the American culture and way of life has been rejected years ago and the theory of “beyond melting pot and survival of ethnic identities through cultural transfer from a generation to the other” has been favorably entertained and today it constitutes the object of discussion in hundreds of books and articles in specialized publications of the world.

     According to this theory, the present generation is generally the symbol and representative of ancient nationalities and cultures. But it is not an easy task to find away for showing that to which ancient nation and tribe belongs each of the individuals of the present generation (within various tribes of its nation) in my opinion one of the ways which may lead the present generation to find its original identity is this “Family tree”, particularly because it is based on history and documents and I am honored  to have accomplished this task for my family.

Subjected to the winds of time and the poorest of soil, this tree has survived to add its beauty to Gods’ creation . It stands alone and unlike the many trees of a forest, commands our attention and reminds us of our own uniqueness.

Our roots were planted in fertile soil and have brought forth many generations of useful lives. As the branches of the tree are bent and shaped by the ever present winds of time, so too, have our lives been influenced by our ancestors. And, as the sturdy trunk of the tree provides the base for its branches to grow, so we must nurture and provide space for our descendants to grow.

Ardalan family tree shown at this web site includes 30 generation and 10000 names from 1219  to 1997 AD. If due to whatever reason some names of past and present generations are not included.

The software provides the possibility to amend and join them to the relevant ancestral branches and add  future generations, so that at the request of any family member, all his generations from the beginning to the end will be available respectively, as shown in my genealogy (Click here, see my genealogy).
So continuation and perfection of this website and this family tree which introduce our newer generation to each other and raise their awareness to their historical background  depends on giving information ,asking any question as well as protection and assistance of honorable member of this noble family.


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